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Small Groups

We offer a variety of small groups on Monday evenings at 6:30pm!

Groups change each semester. More details at the information desk.

Kingdom Kids

Every Sunday morning at 11:00am and Wednesday evening at 7:00pm we offer Kids Church with team leader Christie Dudley.

Kids church is for ages 6-12 and growth in Christ is the primary goal. Christie is passionate about kids! So, sign your kids in and let them learn and have fun in a safe environment.

Preschool Classes

We offer preschool classes for your children who are ages 3-5 years old led by Justina Durrah, Tammy Roberts, and the entire team of volunteers each Sunday during the 11:00am service and each Wednesday at 7:00pm.

Bring your kids so they can worship together, engage, have fun, and hear the Word of God!

In addition, Lil' Sprouts Nursery is available each Sunday morning during the 11:00am service led by team leader Justina Durrah and her entire team! Your children 2 years and younger will be fostered in a safe and happy environment!

Youth Ministries

Each Sunday at 11am and Wednesday evening at 7:00pm, we offer youth ministries with youth leader Bo Bassett for anyone 13 years old and up!

This is an environment where students can hangout, pray, learn the Word, and worship.

Five Loaves Pantry

The 5 Loaves Pantry is an outreach arm of our church. Our church cares about the needs of the region! We desire to reach the region for Jesus!

The pantry is available every week on Thursdays of from 11am-2pm.

We simply offer free food for those in need. If you could use the helping hand, come see us! We also offer prayer and guidance in Christ.

Sara's Sisters Clothing Closet

The clothing closet is an outreach arm of our church; our church cares about the needs of the region!

The Clothing Closet is open every Thursday from 11am until 2pm. Our clothing closet exists to bless those in need. Spread the word and feel free to come by the church if there is a need for clothing.

180 Evangelism Team

180 evalgelism is an outreach arm of our church; our church cares about the needs of the region!

Our 180 evangelism team is ministry to the community that leaves the building! This team takes ministry to the streets of New Martinsville, and ministers to people where they are in life. You can sign up for this team at the information desk!

Daughters of Deborah Women's Ministry

Our women's ministry is vibrant with desire to be ministry based! This ministry offers trips, retreats, fellowships, fundraisers, and more!

Find out more information about women's ministry at the information desk!

Contact us for more info about these opportunities!